How to keep your client’s satisfied?

          Mirror is a client-agency relationship improving system which provides a detailed evaluation of every communication partner of an agency according to the special fields of the agency and the professional priorities of the client.

          Mirror as arelationship improving system isan indispensable tool for a long term relation-building (see references)

          In the basic system the agency performance are evaluated by the clients and the agency as well. The opinion of the clients and that of the agency are compared for each question and not only actual scores, but also differences in these opinions are analyzed.

          It provides a detailed evaluation of every field, and of the agency as a whole.

          Questionnaires contain 60-80 discipline-related questions and 9 questions in connection with priorities, with the client determining their importance.

          It defines and evaluates gaps between client and agency assessments, which often reveal more than actual scores.

          Mirror evaluates the performance of the agency according to the client’s priorities as well, i.e. according to the skills clients consider as important.

          A specific survey is assigned to every traditional type of agency (ATL, BTL, media, digital, PR), but as these distinctions are increasingly blurred, groups of questions may be chosen “á la carte”, depending on the atypical services the agency may provide.

          Mirror creates regional benchmarks for every field and for the whole activity of the agency. The relationship between the agency and the benchmarks is analyzed. 

          Participants may add their comments at the end of each question group.



How to avoid the permanent re-pitching?

•    Mirror analyzes all the small details of the relationship and reveals the faults of the co-operation.

•    The most talkative information are the evaluation gaps between the parties.

•    Discovers all the hidden differences between the clashing options. 

•    Helps the better understanding and the chemistry development.

•    All above develop the co-operation, improve the relationship, strengthen the chemistry  - the best and most effective PR of the agency towards the clients.

•    All these make the clients bethought oneself of a new pitch procedure.