How to achieve an effective collaboration between client and agency?


          Mirror360 is a client-agency relationship improving system which provides a detailed evaluation of every communication partner of an agency according to the special fields of the agency and the professional priorities of the client.

          Mirror as arelationship improving system isan indispensable tool for a long term relation-building

          Mirror360 differs from Mirror180. Both parties are able to rate both the agency and company performance over time with Mirror360.

          Mirror360 service, analyzing both agency and client performance using both quantitative and qualitative information.

          Mirror360 is an independent 360-degree, sophisticated software-based independent service , that provides a very fair, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand client/agency relationship appraisal system, ensuring a better ROI for both parties, via continuous improvement.

          Ensures a longer and more productive relationships improving financial and emotional return on their investment for both parties, through better work, longer, stronger relationships.

          A specific survey is assigned to every traditional type of agency (ATL, BTL, media, digital, PR), but as these distinctions are increasingly blurred, groups of questions may be chosen “á la carte”, depending on the atypical services the agency may provide.


Why is useful?

•    Analyzes and improves allthe partners of the client by a solid system.

•    Gives an objective view about the relationship for the management.

•    Ensures the on-going development of both parties and the relationship.

•    Brings both parties closer together with mutual trust and aligned goals.

•    Ensure both the agency and client at all levels understand the key issues.

•    Improve the quality of client briefing and information sharing.

•    Helps the maintenance of the healthy rivality.


 Mirror360 is the best tool for a more effective, more economical, and a cost-saving