Headquarter Report

(How to control the network from home?)


       The Headquarter Report is prepared for the Agency Centers


       The report is the summary and analysis of the agency / country reports to get a comparable overview about the region


       The headquarter could get the country reports if needed


       The Headquarter Report is a free service of Mirror




The input







       Valuation in general


       the headquarter could get acquainted with the general appraisal of your agencies country-by-country


       the headquarter could compare the valuation of the different countries.


       the headquarter could award where are smaller or bigger problems are


       the headquarter could award where should be helped



       the headquarter gets an general appraisal about the network by disciplines


       the headquarter could analyze the client-agency overall relationship by disciplines, in detail by countries


       the headquarter could learn where the critical fields are


       the headquarter could learn the weaker points of the different countries


       the headquarter could get to know where to help them


       Valuation by client’s priorities


       the headquarter could get acquainted with the client’s average priorities by nine most important agency values in the network


       the headquarter could get acquainted with the priorities of the clients agency by agency


       the headquarter could analyze the valuation by client’s priorities agency by agency


       The headquarter gets to know the critical fields to develop




Why is useful for the Headquarter?


       You could control the whole network from home


       You could receive a full overview about the network once or twice a year


       You could get to know the strength and weakness of your agencies


       You could get the warning where to help country by country




To follow with attention the development of the relationships in the different  countries the best to repeat the appraisal at least once a year.